BluSea Foundation is a non-profit company that identifies, promotes, and executes projects around the world to reclaim the natural balance of Earth’s endangered ecosystems. We specialize in fostering the creation of self-sustaining economically viable solutions that can set off a catalytic change to improve quality of life. To do this, we focus on implementing dynamic media strategies in conjunction with proven emergent technologies to raise awareness, gather support, and change behavior.  Our core area of focus is ocean pollution prevention and remediation.


We envision a society that actively and intentionally celebrates the planet as part of our continuous cycle of the stewardship of natural resources. BluSea Foundation embraces the genius and creativity of humankind as well as our responsibility for the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems. We see wasteful practices resulting in global climate change, mass extinction and ecological collapse. As conscious beings and stewards of Earth we must act responsibly and make the changes needed to restore Natures’ balance. Where there is waste, there is opportunity for increased efficiency through more balanced solutions.


Our mission is to foster global sustainability through the development of local education, technological capability, and local job growth through economically viable, culturally sensitive, holistic solutions, while weaving a new social fabric dedicated to taking action built upon environmental stewardship through dynamic cross pollination of key stakeholders.


Our species possess the means to provide everyone with the tools to improve their quality of life and the health of their environment by taking action on behalf of themselves and their society.  Thinking globally and acting locally we are confident that humanities cultural, scientific and technological knowledge, and our flexible and adaptable nature will see us ushering in a new age of abundance.